Terms and Conditions - Setropa BV



All orders are subject to our confirmation and to crop conditions, unless the seed is in our warehouse.
Should fulfilment of any order or contract be prevented or delayed by causes beyond our control,
we shall not be responsible for any loss and/or damage.


Shipment will be effected upon receipt of a money transfer or opening of an irrevocable letter of credit with a Dutch bank,
preferably ABN-AMRO Bank NV., PO Box 70, 1400 AB Bussum, The Netherlands.


Outwardly visible discrepancies must be ascertained immediately upon receipt of the goods
and reported within three working days by fax.

A statement of the facts made by experts must be despatched within seven days.
Difference on samples must be reported in the same way within three working days upon recipt of the delivery.

Internal discrepancy in the seed must be reported by fax within three working days of becoming known.


Deliveries are made free by carrier airport (FCA) Amsterdam or carriage paid (CPT) to place of destination.
Insurance will be effected by us at the purchaser's account unless intructions to the contrary are received.


We warrant to the extend of the purchase price, that seeds sold are are as descibed on the containers within recognized tolerances.
Our liability, whether contractual or otherwise, is limited in amount to the purchase price of the seed under all circumstances
and regardless of the nature, cause or extent of the loss.

The giving of an order to us constitutes the acceptance of our terms and conditions by the purchaser.